2024 Judges

Tio Lelieveld, Mister Leather Netherlands 2022
Tio Lelieveld

Tio’s interest in fetish and leather began as mere curiosity but evolved into a dedicated way of life. His passion for the Fetish scene fueled an enthusiasm for participating in both large-scale and intimate gatherings. It was at the Darklands event in Belgium that he experienced a sense of belonging within this community, discovering that the world of leather is more than just attire—it is a vibrant community that he experienced as a true homecoming.

Seeing a lack of scene-related activities in his home region of Den Bosch, The Netherlands, Tio took initiative with a close friend to found Fetish Social Brabant, a platform that unites people, introduces potential partners, and brings diverse groups together. Tio’s selection as Mister Leather Netherlands 2022 gave him a meaningful role in the community. He won second place in the Mister Leather Europe competition and competed with pride at the International Mister Leather contest.

Tio freely discusses his HIV status and educates on the topic where useful. Throughout his title year, he focused on fostering connections between the fetish and non-fetish realms with the support of his employer, the Dutch railways. Tio used interviews in local newspapers, TV, and radio programs to introduce the leather community to those who might only be familiar with leather attire through Amsterdam's Pride Canal Parade.

Since stepping down from his title, he has continued his involvement in the Motorsport Club Amsterdam (MSA) board, maintaining the helm of Fetish Social Brabant, and organizing the Mister Leather election in the Netherlands.

Tio eagerly anticipates what lies ahead, embracing opportunities as they cross his path. He is now preparing to judge the 2022 Mister Leather Israel contest in Tel Aviv on December 14.

John O'Brien, Secretary for Leathermen of Ireland
John O’Brien

For two decades John has been an iconic figure in the Irish and European fetish community. John has been an active member, volunteer and ambassador for some of the oldest fetish clubs in Ireland. A welcome beacon for new and existing members at fetish club events in Dublin, he has organised second-hand markets to make affordable fetish gear available for those starting out on their fetish life journey, while helping clubs and charities in the process.

John organised and hosted successful fundraising virtual fun events for The Switchboard (an LGBTQ+ support group for Ireland) and trained volunteers about Fetish & BDSM issues.

John is currently Secretary for Leathermen of Ireland and is an organiser of Dublin Leather Weekend DLW.

John has judged at International Mr. Leather (IML), Mr. Leather Wales, Mr. Leather Europe, Mr. Leather Belgium, Mr. Leather UK, and Mr. Bear Ireland. He served as Tallymaster for Mr. Leather Belgium, Mr. Puppy Europe, Mr. Rubber Ireland, Evidence Fetishman in Nice, Mr. Leather Spain, and Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL).

An event where John is present wouldn’t be an event without his ever-present camera, documenting for posterity all aspects of community engagement wherever he travels.

John has been a long-time friend of the Leather and Fetish Community and a goodwill ambassador for Irish Fetish. He looks forward to being a Judge for Mr. Leather Israel.

János Martényi
János Martényi

Mr Leather & Mr Fetish Spain 2017 from Barcelona is a leather & fist guy, born in Hungary and living more than half of his life in Spain. During his reign he founded the Spanish Leather & Fetish Club (SLFC), the first European fetish club inclusive of all gender and fetish. Is is now the largest leather & fetish club in Spain.

To bring the community together during the pandemic lockdown, he organized the World Fetish Show Contest online to bring the world community together. The biggest fetish event on the web in 2020 was watched by 44,000 people and continues to grow every year. The event now includes live performance at Darklands.

János also created the Fetish Film Festival, organizes the Spanish Fetish elections, and produces the Mr. Fetish Europe election. At International Mr. Leather (IML40) he was the first Spanish candidate to place in the top 20. He was on the jury for IML45.

To support the fetish community is his life, a world where everyone is equal and feels welcome.

Per Helge Nylund, Mr Fetish Europe 2024
Per Helge Nylund

Per is the current Mr. Fetish Europe 2024 and will be on the jury at IML 2024.

Udi Taurus 2018 Titleholder
Udi Taurus

Udi Taurus represented Israel as Israel Mr. Leather 2018 at IML in Chicago 2019.

Featured Entertainment

Daniel Mariuma, DJ
Daniel Mariuma

Daniel Mariuma has provided the musical entertainment for ILMrL contests every year.

Gallina Port des Bras
Gallina Port des Bras

Gallina Port Des Bras (a/k/a Gil Naveh) is a Drag activist & performer, and spokesperson for Amnesty International Israel.

Prior ILMrL Contests


Daniel Dumont

Daniel Dumont, President of ESC Belgium

Daniel Dumont was president of MSC Belgium.

Todd Leavitt

Todd Willis

Todd Leavitt is Mr. Mid-Atlantic Leather 2016.

David “Tigger” Bailey

Tigger Bailey, Mr IML 2016

David “Tigger” Bailey competed as Mr. New Jersey Leather 2016 to win the title of International Mr. Leather 2016.

Ash Duncan

Ash Duncan

Asahel “Ash” Duncan was Mr. Mayhem Leather 2016.

Jeff Tucker

Jeff Tucker, IML Den Daddy

Jeff Tucker has been IML Den Daddy for many years.

Georges Peeters

Georges Peeters

Georges Peeters was Mr. Leather Belgium 2016.

David Kloss

David Kloss

David Kloss was the first International Mr. Leather titleholder.

Manu Roussel

Manu Roussel

Manu Roussel is a producer of EvidencE / Nice So Fetiche

Henk Van Tilburg

Henk Van Tilburg

Henk Van Tilburg has been Secretary of the Spanish Leather & Fetish Community

Suzanne van de Laar

Suzanne van de Laar, Ms Leather Netherlands

Suzanne van de Laar. Ms Leather Netherlands 2019, Fetish photographer and mother

Yishai Shukrom

Yishai Shukrom, Mr. Bear Israel 2018

Yishai was elected Mr. Bear Israel in October 2018.

Mike Tattersall

Mike Tattersall

Mike Tattersall has lived Leather from one side of North America to the other. He has competed for 7 titles--winner in 4 and first runner-up in 2.


Boi Debney

boi Debney

boi is a very skilled technical bootblack with a world-famous spit shine.