Udi Taurus

Udi Taurus winning title in 2018 with 2017 Aviv and 2016 Tzachee

Udi Taurus is a leather man and leather designer from Tel Aviv. He will compete for International Mr. Leather in Chicago in late May 2019.

Aviv Grundman

Aviv Grundman, Mr. Israel Leather 2017 in Sash

Aviv is a sexy leatherman from Tel Aviv Israel. He has several fetishes and is looking to build bridges between the Arab and Israeli population. He competed at IML 2018.

Tzachee Groupper

Israel Mr. Leather 2016 Tzachee on balcony

Tzachee Groupper holds the title of Israel Mr. Leather 2016 and competed for the 39th International Mr. Leather contest in Chicago, Illinois, in May 2017.

David Saban

David Sabani, Israel Mr. Leather 2015

David Saban holds the title of Israel Mr. Leather 2015 and competed at the 38th International Mister Leather contest in Chicago, Illinois in May 2016.