Suzanne van de Laar

Suzanne van de Laar, Ms. Leather Netherlands 2019
Ms Leather Netherlands 2019

Suzanne van de Laar lives a life of contrasts: mother, Fetish photographer, and Ms Leather Netherlands 2019.

In her photography, she tries to capture people as purely as possible and thereby build bridges between all groups in the fetish world. “It doesn't matter to me whether you are male, female, trans, straight, lesbian, gay or bi. For me, the person you are counts."

Her own fetish is Leather as she feels safe and powerful when she wears her leather gear. Suzanne wears her leather visibly and proudly, and when the opportunity came, she attended the Ms Leather Netherlands competition. Based on her ability to connect people within the various fetish communities and goals to encourage interaction between the male and female communities, Suzanne proudly accepted the title Ms. Leather Netherlands in May 2019.

Wearing her sash visibly during daily social media posts and frequent events gives her the opportunity to interact with numerous people from all age and genders. Her goal is to help people who struggle with their fetishes, as this sometimes conflicts with their daily life. By listening and giving well-meant but also honest advice, Suzanne brings the smile back on their faces.

Her slogan is: “This is me”, emphasizing her “What you see is what you get” mentality and therefore loved by everyone in all fetish scenes.

Suzanne lives with her husband and daughter in The Netherlands.

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