Georges Peeters

Georges Peeters, Mister Leather Belgium 2016
Mr. Leather Belgium 2016

Spontaneous, open-minded, punctual. member of MSC Belgium. He was elected as Mister Leather Belgium 2016 at Belgium Leather Pride. He convinced the international jury and audience with his project relating to hatecrimes and his controversial act about discrimination in the LGBTIQ community. He gave full evidence of his love for his leather gear.

In 2016 he became first runner up at the Mister Leather Europe election. The next year 2017 he placed 8th at the International Mister Leather competition.

Georges attended as many as possible leather events throughout Europe where he could meet a lot of valuable people. His title year was full of amazing experiences and he grew a strong feeling of belonging to one big leather family.

The main objective of his title year was bringing the gay community together, working around hatecrimes and rasing awareness about STDs and HIV. He raised money to start up a telephone line, for young LGBTIQ+ people, in need and who are wrestling with suïcide.

After his title year he is still working hard for his beloved community, always willing to help the title holders and welcoming new men, women and anyone in between into the leather family.

He wishes all of you a great time at the Mister Leather Israel election.

Big leather hugs.
Georges MLB 2016
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