boi Debney

boi debney bootblack
Bootblack Workshop Leader

He will be holding a workshop on Bootblacking and teaching it as a hands-on experience as well as bootblacking through the contest weekend.

boi is a very skilled technical bootblack with a world-famous spit shine. He has a passion for community events and working the stand any chance he gets. Since cracking his first can of polish in 2016, he's been dedicated to learning not only technical skills, but also the history of the craft in the Leather community.

He regularly attends skill shares and provides educational opportunities across the US. He has been honored to shine at numerous events including, International Ms Leather, Mid Atlantic Leather and International Puppy and Handler Weekend. He has been a member of IML’s Team Shine the past two years and is also a member of the Windy City boys Troop.

He is beyond grateful for the opportunity to put his skills to use in Israel and hopes he can use this experience to gain interest, share knowledge and to spread his love of bootblacking to under-represented areas all over the world.

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