Contest Judges and Staff


Mr. Israel Leather 2017

Aviv Grundman, Mr. Israel Leather 2017 in Sash

Aviv is a sexy leatherman from Tel Aviv Israel. He has several fetishes and is looking to build bridges between the Arab and Israeli population. He competed at IML 2018.  He also represented Israel with his title at Evidence Nice 2017 and at Brussels and Berlin in 2018, 

International Mr. Leather 1994 and current IML Den Daddy

Jeff Tucker, IML Den Daddy

Jeff is the current “Den Daddy” (Contestant Coordinator) for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather 1993. As IML he started “Better Together,” a campaign to honor the diversity that creates the richness that is our community. He lives in the NYC Metro area in Bloomfield, New Jersey, where he moved 7 years ago with his husband/boy after living in the San Francisco Bay Area for 30 years. He has helped found over 25 not-for-profit organizations.

Jeff and his partner are parents and registered foster parents. He is an advocate and counselor for "At Risk" LGBT youth in New Jersey. He is a life and career coach.

Since his first BDSM experience 40 years ago Jeff now enjoys a wide range of kink interests for which he presents workshops. While in California Jeff co-founded the Santa Clara County Leather Association, The Brotherhood San Jose (a gay men’s BDSM education and play group). He also created BDSM Tastings, a quarterly workshop series for educating beginners and mentoring advanced players on various kink practices. He and his partners founded In Gear, a gay men’s education and play group in Northern New Jersey.

Jeff is in a triad with his husband of 29 years and their 3rd for 6 years; he has been in polyamorous relationships for over 30 years. He leads discussions on BDSM, leather families and polyamory to both community organizations and educational institutions.

Jeff remains an active member of the community. “It’s all about authenticity, integrity and humor, oh, and home made peach crisp.

Mr. Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Manu Roussel, Mr Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

A friend described me once as "brave, welcoming, strong, humble." Without any pretension, those words define me quite well. Originally from the North of France, I have been living in the South for 30 years. I have lived my passion for leather for 8 years as I began to travel and attend leather and fetish events.

In 2016, I was elected Mr. Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur and second Runner-up to the Mr. Leather France. As a titleholder, I travelled a lot throughout Europe to represent all kinds of fetish. I have lived very intensely this year, enabling me to meet all my leather friends and fellow Misters.

My goal as a Mister was to create a fetish Club in my region, which was really a desert fetish-wise. In 2016, I created the association "Evidence" with my husband, Roby Leather, and our friend, Stéphane Lederdoss.

We work daily with our members, offering them fetish and leather meetings, fetish aperitifs, dinners, parties, and pool parties in our house and travel plans abroad (including to Israel Mr. Leather)..

For the last 3 years we organised a 3-day fetish weekend "Nice so Fétiche" at the end of November. That event reflects family, associative and fetish spirit. 

We are also very involved with prevention; working every day with 2 French associations for prevention: SIS and ENIPSE.

In November of 2016, my husband and I opened a gay fetish store in Nice--the first and only one in the South of France. I now work with my association to know, promote and help leather and fetish people to assume proudly what they like and who they are.

International Mr. Leather 1979

David Kloss

If you ever wondered what kind of Leather titleholder makes a community proud, look at David Kloss--the very first International Mr. Leather titleholder. Since his title year in1979, Dave has worked in advocacy, fund-raising, and community promotion without stop.

After graduating from the US Merchant Marine Academy, he began a career in oil exploration that took him to Africa,and South America, working on oil rigs as a Rig Manager, Rig Mover, and Port Captain. In 1991, he took disability leave to promote and direct the work of HIV/AIDS assistance organizations in Austin and Houston, Texas, and what is now called Folsom Events. He served as Treasurer, Administrator, Bare Chest Calendar Men organizer and parade float designer, helping to raise $1.5 million for those in need. David has lost two partners to AIDS.

Eventually settling in Toronto, he organized the first Church Street Fetish Fair in 2004 with the goal of helping local businesses and the Toronto community at large. He co-owned Leather and Bear Tours, also called Beef Dip.

With his partner Remy, David became a frequent voice in debates to promote marriage equality. He was interviewed in the New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Reason Magazine, the Toronto Star, Omni television, Global News and PBS. The 2004 documentary “Gloriously Free” featured David, Remi and four others from around the world now living in Canada, aired internationally in six languages and was awarded the Canadian Broadcasters Association Red Ribbon Award.

David's work has earned honors, awards and commendations from Houston, Austin, Washington state, San Francisco, Toronto, the State of Calilfornia, the Pantheon of Leather, and the Minister of Canadian Heritage. Today he continues to judge and emcee leather contests, works in project management, and cruises Lake Ontario in summer (on a boat, that is). He is excited about his first trip to Israel!

Mr. Leather Belgium 2016

Georges Peeters, Mister Leather Belgium 2016

Spontaneous, open-minded, punctual. member of MSC Belgium. He was elected as Mister Leather Belgium 2016 at Belgium Leather Pride. He convinced the international jury and audience with his project relating to hatecrimes and his controversial act about discrimination in the LGBTIQ community. He gave full evidence of his love for his leather gear.

In 2016 he became first runner up at the Mister Leather Europe election. The next year 2017 he placed 8th at the International Mister Leather competition.

Georges attended as many as possible leather events throughout Europe where he could meet a lot of valuable people. His title year was full of amazing experiences and he grew a strong feeling of belonging to one big leather family.

The main objective of his title year was bringing the gay community together, working around hatecrimes and rasing awareness about STDs and HIV. He raised money to start up a telephone line, for young LGBTIQ+ people, in need and who are wrestling with suïcide.

After his title year he is still working hard for his beloved community, always willing to help the title holders and welcoming new men, women and anyone in between into the leather family.

He wishes all of you a great time at the Mister Leather Israel election.

Big leather hugs.
Georges MLB 2016