Contest Judges and Staff

Mr. Israel Leather 2017

Aviv Grundman, Mr. Israel Leather 2017 in Sash

Aviv is a sexy leatherman from Tel Aviv Israel. He has several fetishes and is looking to build bridges between the Arab and Israeli population. He competed at IML 2018.  He also represented Israel with his title at Evidence Nice 2017 and at... more

Int'l Mr. Leather 1994, IML Den Daddy

Jeff Tucker, IML Den Daddy

Jeff is the current “Den Daddy” (Contestant Coordinator) for International Mr. Leather and was himself IML in 1994 competing as Mr. San Jose Leather 1993. As IML he started “Better Together,” a campaign to honor the diversity that creates the... more

Mr. Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

Manu Roussel, Mr Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

A friend described me once as "brave, welcoming, strong, humble." Without any pretension, those words define me quite well. Originally from the North of France, I have been living in the South for 30 years. I have lived my passion for... more

International Mr. Leather 1979

David Kloss

If you ever wondered what kind of Leather titleholder makes a community proud, look at David Kloss--the very first International Mr. Leather titleholder. Since his title year in1979, Dave has worked in advocacy, fund-raising, and community... more

Mr. Leather Belgium 2016

Georges Peeters, Mister Leather Belgium 2016

Spontaneous, open-minded, punctual. member of MSC Belgium. He was elected as Mister Leather Belgium 2016 at Belgium Leather Pride. He convinced the international jury and audience with his project relating to hatecrimes and his controversial act... more