Contest Judges and Staff


Mr Leather Israel 2018

Udi Taurus, Mr. Israel Leather 2018

Udi Taurus is a leather man and leather designer from Tel Aviv. He competed for International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May 2019.

Ms Leather Netherlands 2019

Suzanne van de Laar, Ms. Leather Netherlands 2019

Suzanne van de Laar lives a life of contrasts: mother, Fetish photographer, and Ms Leather Netherlands 2019.

In her photography, she tries to capture people as purely as possible and thereby build bridges between all groups in the fetish world. “It doesn't matter to me whether you are male, female, trans, straight, lesbian, gay or bi. For me, the person you are counts."

Her own fetish is Leather as she feels safe and powerful when she wears her leather gear. Suzanne wears her leather visibly and proudly, and when the opportunity came, she attended the Ms Leather Netherlands competition. Based on her ability to connect people within the various fetish communities and goals to encourage interaction between the male and female communities, Suzanne proudly accepted the title Ms. Leather Netherlands in May 2019.

Wearing her sash visibly during daily social media posts and frequent events gives her the opportunity to interact with numerous people from all age and genders. Her goal is to help people who struggle with their fetishes, as this sometimes conflicts with their daily life. By listening and giving well-meant but also honest advice, Suzanne brings the smile back on their faces.

Her slogan is: “This is me”, emphasizing her “What you see is what you get” mentality and therefore loved by everyone in all fetish scenes.

Suzanne lives with her husband and daughter in The Netherlands.

Mr. Leather Ottawa 2010

Mike Tattersall

Mike Tattersall has lived Leather from one side of North America to the other. He has competed for 7 titles--winner in 4 and first runner-up in 2. He has produced 14 competitions, and acted as emcee, judge, and Den Daddy in many more. Mama’s Top Trainer is a Contestant Handler with International Mr. Leather in Chicago.

Mike founded and produced Ottawa’s National Capital Leather Pride Weekend (2010 - 2017) and the four Titles that went with it. He ran Ottawa's ‘Leather, Titleholder Travel Fund,’ which include almost 4 years of non-stop weekend fundraising. Dom/Daddy/Sir presents workshops and seminars on Fetishes, Kinks, and sexual practices of many kinds; his Personal Training, Massage, Kink, Fetish and Sex activities share a lot of crossover skill sets.

His face appears on 3 gay erotica book covers. Moved to Toronto a year ago, he now enjoys regular sex parties and looks forward to the future. Life isn’t dull!

Read his interview in The Leather Journal.

Mr. Bear Israel 2018

Yishai, Mr. Bear Israel 2018

Yishai is a proud bisexual man and is an advocate for inclusiveness of all the colorful identities in our community. He has sponsored fundraisers for LGBTQ+ youth and has helped produce events centered around inclusion and body positivity. Since his election October 2018 as part of BearTA Festival (Tel Aviv's annual Bear pride weekend), Yishai participated in the international competition Mr. Bear Europe 2019 and appeared as guest of honor at Mr. Bear Netherlands 2019.

Yishai is 22 years old and lives in Jerusalem.

Secretary, Spanish Leather & Fetish Community

Henk, Secretary of Spanish Leather & Fetish Community

My name is Henk. I came out when I was very young, and a few years later I found my place in the leather/fetish scene. I got to know the leather/fetish scene in the 1980's where brotherhood was more than just a word we use often on social media.

I opened my own leather bar “The Hanky Code” in 1995 in Antwerp, which became a home for fetish events.

For the last 7 years I have been living in Barcelona. In 2017 with 5 other friends, we founded the Spanish Leather & Fetish Community to show the real meaning of brotherhood. As Secretary of the SLFC, I confront the challenges and changes of the new fetish/leather generation.

I am honored to be on the jury for the Israel Mr. Leather contest. See you in Tel Aviv!


Bootblack Workshop Leader

boi debney bootblack

He will be holding a workshop on Bootblacking and teaching it as a hands-on experience as well as bootblacking through the contest weekend.

boi is a very skilled technical bootblack with a world-famous spit shine. He has a passion for community events and working the stand any chance he gets. Since cracking his first can of polish in 2016, he's been dedicated to learning not only technical skills, but also the history of the craft in the Leather community.

He regularly attends skill shares and provides educational opportunities across the US. He has been honored to shine at numerous events including, International Ms Leather, Mid Atlantic Leather and International Puppy and Handler Weekend. He has been a member of IML’s Team Shine the past two years and is also a member of the Windy City boys Troop.

He is beyond grateful for the opportunity to put his skills to use in Israel and hopes he can use this experience to gain interest, share knowledge and to spread his love of bootblacking to under-represented areas all over the world.