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178 CM
90 Kg
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I love music, live concerts and festivals. Love parties and dancing. traveling as much as money allowed me so far, and meeting as many new people as I can. Love art, dance, film, literature. Regardless of being a drag artist myself, I'm a huge fan of the art of drag. Love boxing, swimming, meditation and recently started practicing yoga. I'm a foodie and always on the look for new things to try, also after working at an amazing pasta place in Tel-Aviv, I started cooking and it brings me (and my amazing partner) great joy.

Community Involvement: 

At the moment:

I am a trans* activist:

  • A journalist for the most read online news site in Israel (Ynet). Reviewing the trans (and LGBTQ+ at large) community, feminist issues and communities like people with physical disabilities, autism, etc. Also producing and staring in my own documentary web series by Ynet.
  • Being a spokesperson for the Trans and non-binary community.
  • Touring Israel and abroad with my lecture “Is it a Boy or a Girl?!” (LGBTQ+ 101 and my life story) and a lecture on the history of Israeli drag.
  • A Biz Dev Manager for “LGBTech”, an NGO which works for LGBTQ+ diversity and inclusion in work environments. Selling our services and also managing the accounts.
  • Managing a Facebook group for transgender employment and a consultant for several trans employment projects. I just now started "iLGBT" - a leadership program for LGBTQ+ activists founded by the Tel-Aviv LGBTQ+ Center and the Tel Aviv Municipality. I'm also an alumn of "Tashtit" ("Infrustructure",) a school for activists by the "Free Israel" movement. Which works to keep religion and state separated in Israel.

In the past:

I did not go to the military for health reasons, but I did partake in a year of civil service at the Center for Deaf-Blind individuals in Tel Aviv. The service included tending to the personal needs of the people using the center's services and keeping them company, translating to and from Hebrew sign language, office work and more. Following, I worked with the mentally ill community in Israel, as a couch via the ministry of health and as a volunteer instructor at Enosh - The Israeli Mental Health Association.
Volunteered in IGY (Israely Gay Youth) at a founder of the brach in Sderot and as a trans youth instructor in Tel Aviv.

Founding, managing, artistically managing, performing and hosting the monthly drag parties "D.U.Y.A - Drag Up Your Ass". Creating a stage for artistic, political, gender-bending thought-provoking drag artists and a home for a crowd who was looking exactly that type of performance.    


Helping myself and others to be part of a more companionate society. Helping my trans and non-binary family worldwide live a better, safer, more fulfilling life. Educating people to realize that our differences and similarities and be sources of unity and not segregation.

Other Titles and Awards: 
My second time ever performing in drag, in 2007, I won the title of "The Best Levantine Drag King" :)
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Shirley Kleinman
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5 Daniel St.
Haifa 3330712
October 1983
+972 547743423