Mr. Israel Leather 2018 Udi Taurus

Congratulations to Mr. Israel Leather 2018 Udi Taurus!

Israel Mr. Leather Contest for 2018 is Udi Taurus, a leather man and leather designer from Tel Aviv. He is competing for International Mr. Leather in Chicago in May 2019.

Meet the Judges and Event Staff

  • Georges Peeters, Mr. Leather Belgium 2016
  • David Kloss, International Mr. Leather 1979
  • Jeff Tucker, International Mr. Leather 1994 and current IML Den Daddy
  • Manu Roussel, Mr. Leather Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
  • Aviv Grundman, Mr. Israel Leather 2017

Tallymaster Daniel Dumont, Secretary, European Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ECMC)

Emcee Gallina Port Des Bras, Host at WERK

Meet the DJ Daniel Mariuma

Facebook page Daniel Mariuma

Music on Soundcloud/Mixcloud

Music and Video on YouTube

Ein Gedi / Masada Trip

Travel to Ein Gedi, Dead Sea, and Masada is available here.